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Connect with the motor phase failure-protection voltage rela

2016-09-04 19:58  
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Connect with the motor phase failure-protection voltage relay circuit
For the △ connection motor, we must make an artificial neutral point (connect three equivalent capacitances (resistance component) as the Y-shaped) with the motor, and connect the relay and other protective devices to this Y-shaped mid-point, as the figure shown. When the three-phase power motor works, the neutral point voltage U00 is less than 10V. When the motor load outage, the neutral point voltage is related with the load, and the range is 10 ~ 50V, heavier theload is, higher the voltage is, but it has little connection with the capacity of the motor. If we use the DJ131/60CN type voltage relay (voltage range is 15 ~ 60V, coils in series and the long-term permissible voltage 220V is 220V), operation voltage can be set at 20 ~ 25V; if the motor load is below 50% to 60%, the tuning voltage is 15 ~ 20V. If the motor has the △ connection, the man-made Y-shaped impedance element can use the 0.1 ~ 0.47μF, 400V capacitor. This circuit is suitable for the 0.6 ~ 55kW motor.