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Constant speed motor driver

2016-09-02 18:04  
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The aim of the circuit presented here is to keep the permanent magnet dc motor running at a constant speed, set externally. To do this, the current through, and the voltage across, the brushes of the motor are monitored. The voltage consists of two components: First, a back-EMF generated by the windings of the armature moving through the magnetic field of the motor. Secondly, there’s a voltage caused by the current passing through the real resistance of the windings and the brushes.When the torque load on the motor increases, its current increases. This current increase is sensed across Rs, and positive feedback is applied to the noninverting terminal of the LH0101 , thereby increasing the motor voltage to compensate for the increased torque load.With the proper amount of positive feedback, the motor-speed variation can be kept below 1 o/a from no load to full load. The servo drive controller will maintain a constant speed automatically.