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NJM3771 Stepper Motor Application Circuit and Datasheet

2016-09-01 22:53  
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The herein schematic appears typicalstepper motor application with NJM3771. This stepper motor driver device isNJM3771 stepper motor application circuit diagramdesigned for use in microstepping applications in conjunction with the matching dual DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) NJU39610, according to the datasheet.

NJM3771 Dual Stepper Motor Driver features Dual chopper driver, 650 mA output current per channel, and Selectable slow/fast current decay for improved high-speed microstepping. Instead of capable for driving up to 650 mA continuous motor current, each channel of the NJM3771 consists of an H-bridge output stage, a logic section that controls the output transistors, an S-R flip-flop, and two comparators.

Please refer to the NJM3771 datasheet for further description ofNJM3771 Stepper Motor Application Circuit.