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Starting Up Your TMCM-110 into Stepper Motor Motion Systems

2016-09-01 17:47  
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how to start your TMCM-110 into Stepper Motor Motion SystemsThis schematic figure show you abouthow tostart yourTMCM-110 into Stepper Motor Motion Systems. The TMCM-110  stepper motor equipped with a 4 pin, a 5 pin and an 8 pin JST PHR-connector with about 20 cm cables for each pin. No need to connect extra motor if you have PANdrive TMCM-110 is mounted to a motor.

In order to installTMCM-110 device, you will need your stepper motor controller and driver module, connect it with 12V to 30V of power supply, interface suitable to the device version such RS232, RS485, CAN or IIC with cables and converter supplied, TMCL IDE program and Personal Computer.

Has to be noted that never connect or disconnect motors while powered, bundling IO wires with motor power wires may lead to noise pickup from the motor, and never exceed the maximum power supply of 30V. You will be taken to sections about Starting Up YourTMCM-110 into Stepper Motor Motion Systems in step by step, setting the TMCL IDE, Manual Programming Commands to set motion and control parameters, the TMCM-110 Communication and Motor Troubleshooting.

See complete article aboutStarting Up Your TMCM-110 into Stepper Motor Motion Systemsin pdf filetype here in the datasheet application here (source: trinamic.com)