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The single-phase motor connected capacitor series-parallel t

2016-09-01 04:37  
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The single-phase motor connected capacitor series-parallel three-speed circuit
When it is governing, the primary and secondary windings can be connected in series to achieve a buck governor. If the capacitor is connected to auxiliary winding La in parallel, it will play a phase-shifting effect on LA current to change to a different electric capacity and get different rotational speed. When it runs at a high speed​​, switches S1 , S2 are put in the illustrated position; when it is in the medium speed, S1 is ON, S2 is turned to the position of ④; when it is in a low speed, S1 is connected to ②, S3 is turned to ⑤. The capacity of C1 should be less than the capacity of C2 in circuit.