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the substitute circuit of electric motor centrifugal switch

2016-09-01 03:50  
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the substitute circuit of electric motor centrifugal switch part 1
When the power supply is connected,the voltage of C3 can't be changed suddenly.V1 and V2 are stopped.K is at the release condition.The normally closed contacts is connected.The secondary winding W2 of electric motor M(starting winding) and the start capapcitor C4 enter to the circuit by the normally closed contacts.The electric motor M starts to operate.When it's about 6s,the rotational speed reaches 75% to 80% of rated speed.The voltage of C3 is charged to about 1.8V.V1 and V2 are saturated to conduct.K is conducted to pull in.The normally-closed contacts are disconnected.It disconnects the secondary winding W2 of M and C2 with the power circuit.At this time the main winding works alone.The electric motor starts.