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How to Use VCO buffer for Isolating Oscillator Circuit

2016-08-31 03:34  
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The article herein describes information on howvoltage controlled oscillator (VCO) buffermay isolate oscillatormax2472 vco circuit diagramcircuit’s output problems. The VCO buffers which being used are MAX2472/2473 fromMaxim Semiconductor.It discussed issues related to VCO circuits such as load pulling, supply pushing, phase noise and effects of radiated energy from nearby power amplifiers (PAs).

You will be taken into discussion on introducing a buffer amplifier between two isolated circuit stages, typical VCO characteristics and how isolation problems can degrade circuit performance, A Typical BJT Based Colpitts VCO, MAX2472 isolation circuit between VCO and mixer, and more.

Please refer to the pdf format onHow to Use VCO buffer for Isolating Oscillator Circuit’s Output(source: maxim-ic.com)