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Low-voltage, low power, programmable crystal oscillator circ

2016-08-23 23:01  
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Low-voltage, low power, programmable crystal oscillator circuit
Features : 1. Its working voltage is low, and it operates with single-supply, 2.0V low operating voltage. 2. Its power consumption is low, and the supply current is 5 μA when it operates at 32kHz, and the current is 130μA when it operates at 1MHz. 3. It has a wide frequency range, operating frequency range is 10KHz ~ 10MHZ, and it is programmable. 4. The external components is few, and it only needs a crystal. 5 It has a good working stability. When it works in the whole operating temperature range, the oscillation frequency has a high stability .Pin and pin functions: HA7210 uses DIP dual in-line package, and it is shown in Figure 15-4 . The pin functions are as follow : pin 1 is the current positive pole; pin 2 is the current positive pole.