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Oscillator circuit diagram with triangle-wave/square wave ou

2016-08-15 04:52  
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Oscillator circuit diagram with triangle-wave/square wave output
The circuit is composed of lag comparator with A1 and inverting integrator A2, and the charging and discharging time constant is decided by integral resistors (R1+RP1) and the capacitor C1. VD1~VD5 form the limiter circuit. The maximum oscillation frequency is related to swicthing rate of amplifier, when swicthing rate is 10V/μ s, in order to get the 20V (peak-peak) triangle wave, it must have at least 2 μ s lag, even up to 20 μ s, therefore, in order to increase the frequency of oscillation, A1 and A2 should select high speed operational amplifier.