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Separate-excited Crossed Oscillator Used in Quad Cycled Ligh

2016-08-16 01:37  
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Separate-excited Crossed Oscillator Used in Quad Cycled Lights Controller Circuit
As seen in the figure is the separate-excited crossed oscillator used quad cycled colored lights controller circuit. In this circuit, the quad cycled colored lights can be controlled by only two single contact relays 4088. The operation principle is: The separated-excited crossed oscillatory circuit composed of IC1 6 NOT gate CD4069 and C1,C2,R1,R2 has a direct control over crystal triode VT1 and VT2. The driving relay K1 and K2 realise the crossed split-phase output, that is after K1 is connected, K2 will be connected, then K2 is cut off after K1 is cut off, and this process makes a circle. In this figure, (b) is the connection diagram of colored lights.