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The Philips SA612A Datasheet, a Gilbert Cell Oscillator for

2016-08-27 01:01  
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Gilbert cellis an electronic multiplying mixer in which the output current of the circuit is an accurate multiplication ofSA612A Typical Circuit Application for Cordless or Cellular Radiothe differential base currents of both inputs (wikipedia.org). The mode of communication for wireless technologies such as Cordless telephone, Portable radio, VHF transceivers, HF and VHF frequency conversion, Broadband LANs and etc, is known as RF (radio frequency).

Below isThe Philips SA612A Datasheetwhich provide you with informations about its low cost and current consumption, low radiated energy, and excellent sensitivity, gain, and noise figure since SA612A is a low-power VHF monolithic double-balanced mixer with on-board oscillator and voltage regulator intended for.

According tothe SA612A datasheet, when a cordless phone/cellular used with SA612A as 45MHz radio 2nd IF and demodulator it is capable of receiving -119dBm signals with a 12dB S/N ratio. As this device is one ofGilbert cell mixer, the multiplier configurations can provide gain of 14dB or more at 45MHz.

You can find any description of SA612A operations in such test configurations schematic, Equivalent Circuit Schematic, I/O configuration schematic, SA612A Oscillator Circuits Schematic, schematic of Colpitts Oscillator Suitable for Synthesizer Applications and Typical Buffers, and Typical Circuit Application for Cordless/Cellular Radio (click figure to enlarge).

Complete The SA612A Datasheet,a Gilbert Cell Oscillator for RF Applicationsin pdf filetype (source: df9cy.de).