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Varactor-tuned 10 mhz ceramic resonator oscillator

2016-08-17 12:01  
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The FET input amplifier has fixed bias with source feedback. This provides a very high input impedance with very low capacitance. The FET amplifier drives an emitter follower which, in spite of the fact that it has a low output impedance, feeds a transformer with a 3:1 turns ratio for a nine-fold impedance reduction. The result is an impedance at the ceramic resonator of a few ohms maximum. The varactor-tuned ceramic resonator oscillator has a significant frequency-temperature coefficient. The tuning range of the VCO is approximately 232 kHz, with a temperature coefficient of-350 Hz per degree centigrade.
Varactor-tuned 10 mhz ceramic resonator oscillator

When using this circuit as a VCO, the entire 232 kHz range cannot be used because some of the tuning range must be sacrificed for the temperature dependence. If the required tuning range were 200 kHz, leaving 32 kHz for temperature variation, the resulting temperature variation would be more than 90?°C.

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