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Voltage-controlled oscillator circuit

2016-08-30 22:27  
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Voltage-controlled oscillator circuit
The voltage-controlled oscillator circuit is as shown in the figure. The input voltage range of the oscillator is 0-10V, the change sensitivity is 1kHz/V, the tracking error is 0.02%, the temperature coefficient is 0.01%. The multivibrator is composed of A1 that can produce the constant amplitude and constant pulse width rectangular wave, the output amplitude is the positive and negative power supply voltage. The rectangular wave which is output by A1 is processed by the integration circuits R3 and C2 to be the average voltage, this average voltage adds to the in-phase inout port of the comparator A2. The A2 is in the state of the input voltage is the same as the rectangular wave average voltage, and it adds the output to the reverse-phase input port of A1 through the R4 and VD4 to change the deadline of the multivibrator.