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Ac Signal Telephone Tone Ringer Circuit

2016-02-16 13:07  
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 The  MC34017 Tone Ringer derives its power supply by rectifying the ac ringing signal. It uses this power to activate a tone generator and drive a piezo–ceramic transducer. The tone generation circuitry includes a relaxation oscillator and frequency dividers which produce high and low frequency tones as well as the tone warble frequency. The relaxation oscillator frequency fo is set by resistor R2 and capacitor C2 connected to Pin RC.This is a complete telephone bell replacement circuit with minimum external components with on-chip diode bridge and transient protection and direct drive for piezoelectric transducers.TCM1539  are monolithic integrated circuit telephone tone-ringer drivers that, when coupled with an appropriate transducer, replace the electromechanical bell.

Telephone tone ringer