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An infrared head phones display

2016-02-01 03:14  
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This article is an infrared head phones show. Want more quickly grasp the principles, please carefully read schematics combine text. The use of invisible infrared infrared head phones to transmit audio signals from the TV to the headset. Without using any lens, a series six meters is possible. Range can be extended by the lens and the reflection mirror and the infrared sensors by the transmitter and receiver. IR transmitter uses two transistor amplifier to drive two series, connecting infrared light-emitting diodes. An audio output transformer is used (reverse) couple from the TV audio output to the infrared transmitter.  Transistors  T1 and T2 amplify the audio signal to the TV through the audio transformer. Low impedance output winding (low gauge or thicker wire) for connection to the TV side and the high-impedance winding connected to the infrared transmitter. This infrared transmitter by a 9-volt power adapter or batteries. Red LED1 in transmitter circuit functions as a zener diode (0.65 v) and supply in the indicator. IR led directly to the transmitter as Marx phototransistor. Range. A 9-volt battery can be used as a portable receiver operation. IR receiver using transistor amplifier lunar exploration program trilogy. The first two transistors (T4 and T5) in the form of an audio signal amplifier and the third transistor T6 is used to drive a headphone. Adjust potmeter VR2 is Max. Clear. This small and very simple in principle and practical!


Infrared Head Phones

Infrared Head Phones

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