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CMOS RAM poewed repertory dialer phone circuit

2016-02-07 20:21  
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A telephone that also stores a group of frequently called telephone numbers and retransmits the dialing information to the local central office by repertory dialer.Repertory Dialing lets you dial a telephone number by pressing one key.This function is similar to the selected dialing function, but it also allows you to enter dialing control functions at any point in the repertory dialing sequence.Repertory dialer phone has a library of phone numbers to be keyed in and dialed out fifteen frequently used numbers(plus the last directly or a telephone number to be stored in number dialed) stored in a standard CMOS  the RAM and dialed automatically.Repertory dialer phone has a library of fifteen frequently used number(plus the last number dialed)stored In a standard CMOS RAM .

Telephone-line powered repertory dialer