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Dynamic microphone to electret microphone input

2016-02-05 10:26  
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Summary of circuit features: Circuit which works as an preamplifier which allows you to replace an electret microphone with a dynamic microphone.Circuit protection: No special protection circuits usedCircuit complexity: Very simple one transistor circuitCircuit performance: Worked well, although distortion and noise performance is not very good (but usable for many non-hifi applications)Availability of components: Uses common and easily available componentsDesign testing: I have built this circuit and it worked well with Sound Blaster 16 sound cardPower supply: 3-9V current limited power from electret microphone input (same as normally supplied to two wire electret capsule)Estimated component cost: Electronics components cost less than $10 including connectorsSafety considerations: No special electrical safety considerations.

Circuit description

This is a simple microphone preamplifier circuit which you can use between your dynamic microphone and any equipment designed to work with an electret microhone (2 wire connection to electret capsule). This amplifier amplifies the low level signal to the levels used by electret microphone input and uses the power from the device.

The circuit is a simple one transistor amplifier to convert the sub-millivolt level voltage from electret microphone to current changes as generated by electret capsule.

Component list

R1   470 kohm
C1   220 nF
Q1   BC547

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