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Hearing impaired visual ring indication telephone

2016-02-15 14:46  
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Visual ring indication of a telephone is important for the hearing impaired, for use in noisy locations (or where ear protection is used), for fast or critical response environments, or for locations where audible ring volumes need to be lower to minimize disruptions. It is also important in multi-cubicle open concept office environments where it is often difficult to tell from a distance whether one's phone is ringing.In this circuit, the ringing voltage on a telephone line causes NE-1 to break over, triggeringSCR1 , which in turn triggers SCR2. If a call has been received, depressing S2 will cause LED1 to light. Depressing SI resets the circuit. This circuit has the advantage of lower battery drain because  LED1 is not left on continuously after a ring signal, but only when S2 is depressed.Telephones included indicate an incoming call, mostly by a visual sign, usually a flashing light. Many telephones now have a visual indicator in the form of a small flashing light as a standard feature however products included in this section have a larger than average flashing light. Some telephones may also indicate a call via a vibratory signal. All indicators are integral to the telephone.

Telephone Visual Ring Indicator