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Mobile Phone Ipod Battery Charger Circuit

2016-02-13 21:33  
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This new  battery charger can be used virtually anywhere,The battery charger is  nothing more than a 5V supply that has a USB outlet.actual charging circuit is incorporated within the iPOD or MP3 player itself, which only requires a 5V supply. As well as charging, this supply can run USB-powered accessories such as reading lights, fans and chargers, particularly for mobile phones.  The supply is housed in a small plastic case with a DC input socket at one end and a USB type "A" outlet at the other end, for connecting to Mobile Phone, an iPod or MP3 player when charging. A LED shows when power is available at the USB socket. Maximum current output is 660mA, more than adequate to run any USB-powered accessory. Above content is about Mobile  phonebattery charger circuit,If you like to know more about electronic circuit of the material,please come on hqew.net.  Mobile Phone Ipod Battery Charger Circuit