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Mobile Phone Portable Charger Circuit Diagram

2016-02-16 07:13  
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Do you worry that charging the mobile phone when you want to travel, Mobile Phone  Travel Charger can help you.

This is an cell phone travel charger utilizing 1.5 volt pen cells to charge cellular phone whilst touring. It can replenish cell phone battery 3 or 4 times in places where AC power isn’t accessible. The majority of the Cellular phone batteries are rated at three.six V/500 mA. Just one pen torch cell can offer one.5 volts and 1.five Amps present. So if four pen cells are connected serially, it’ll form a battery pack with six volt and one.five Amps present. When power is applied towards the circuit through S1, transistor T1 conducts and Green LED lights.Mobile Phone Portable  Charger Circuit Diagram