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Ring detect circuit for automatic phone answering

2016-02-16 04:08  
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This circuit is used with a binary synchronous communications adapter that is used in connection with a particular type of data set (Swedish GE2002A, Standard Radio and Telefon, Barkarby, Liveden) providing an erroneous 16-second RING INDICATOR signal or glitch after disconnecting from the line providing incoming calls, and the circuit distinguishes between a valid RING INDICATOR signal as distinguished from the 16-second glitch. In addition, as a new call comes in during the period of the glitch, the circuit causes the call to be answered.Ring detect circuit for automatic phone answering or tone generation for reverse autopatch use.  AutoAnswer is a very simple android application to answer the phone automatically when it rings. Can be limited to just contacts or starred contacts. Also has a speakerphone option.

Phone auto answer and ring indicator