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Ring detector telephone ringer circuit

2016-02-09 12:55  
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Telephone ringer is an electromagnetic device that actuates a clapper which strikes one or more gongs to produce a ringing sound; used with a telephone set to signal a called party.This device consists of a ring detector connected to the telephone line. When the telephone rings, the ring detector impresses high-frequency pulses on the ac power line.A receiver placed anywhere on the same power line detects these pulses and emits an audible tone in synchronization with the telephone signal.When the telephone ring signal is sen to the telephone, the ring voltage is not applied constanly to the line. Typically ring timing is 2 seconds on and 4 seconds off in the US. In the UK ring timing goes .4 sec on, .2 sec off, .4 sec on, 2 sec off then repeats. In toher countries the ring timign cna vary from country to country (even from operator to operator) and you should check the local regulations if you want to get to know the actual ring signal timing in use.


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