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Solar cell phone charger

2016-02-13 03:47  
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This Solar cell phone charger can charge many models of cellular phones and other portable devices.

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Mobile Phone Charger Powered using Solar Cell power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Mobile Phone Charger Powered using Solar Cell
To charge the 6-volt NiCd battery in this little device uses a miniature 3-volt solar battery. Battery, in turn, can charge many models of cellular phones and other portable devices. The circuit converts solar energy into a pulse current charging ...

Solar panel battery charger
The solar?battery charger?circuit is?nothing but a?dual?comparator?that connects the?solar panel?to the battery?when the?voltage at?the?latter terminal?is low?and disconnected if?exceeding a certain threshold. Since it?is?only?by?measuring the?battery voltage,?it is especially intended?for lead batteries, a?electrolyte?liquid or gelled, that?adapt?the?best?of?this?way. The battery voltage?separated?by?R3?before being fed?to?the two comparators?in?IC2, ...

Lithium Battery Charger
This Lithium battery?charger?circuit?is dedicated?to charge?lithium?batteries.?It?uses 2?chips, voltage regulator?LM317T?and?ICL7665?warns?microprocessors?(μPs)?of?overvoltage?and undervoltage?conditions. Charging is completed with a constant current of 60 ma for Aa cells to a cutoff voltage of 2.4 V per cell, at which point the charge should be terminated. The ...

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery charger
We can charge Ni-Cd or Ni-MH simply by placing a series resistor to limit current from the power source to make efficient loading. But not so with lithium ion cell (Li-Ion) which has a capacity greater than ever and don't ...

6/12 Volt Lead Acid Battery Charger
This 6/12 Volt lead acid battery charger circuit provides an initial voltage of 2.5 V per cell at 25°C to quickly charge a Lead Acid battery. The charging current reduces as the battery charges, and when the current drops to ...

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