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Sony CMD 1000 cell phone

2016-02-14 04:27  
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full pinout

 14 pin Sony CMD cellphone special
14 pin Sony CMD cellphone specialconnector at the cellular phone
1Power ( 9V)
2Battery charge
3Handsfree sos
4Handsfree extern (10K resistor to 9 to enable handsfree functions)
7Ignition (10K resistor to 9 to illuminate the display continiously)
8Antenna extern (10K resistor to ground to enable external microphone and antenna)
9Audio 1
10Audio 2 (loudspeaker amplifier output)
11Microphone (use electrect microfoon and 46 db preamp.)
12Audio ground (do not connect to 13 and 14 )
13Ground (supply)
14Ground (supply)


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