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This Wearable Shoe Phone Will Transform You Into James Bond!

2016-02-12 18:02  
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You’re wondering that you can be as cool and calm as James Bond? Would you want to feel the like as the secret agent? If you did, then this wearable shoe phone can satisfy your desire!

To be honest, it wasn’t a new idea, as it has been discovered since long time ago. However, have you ever try to do it yourself? You might think it’s an “Mission Impossible” to get this project done, but the truth is it fairly easy to build it!


All you have to do is preparing the following things:

A pair of shoes with wooden heels (You’ve to make sure that it’s big enough to fit a box 77x43x17 mm, the size of the Panasonic GD55 cell phone)DremelKitchen Knife and forkStrong glueA tiny Hex screwdriverA powerful drillA jigsaw

First of all, you have to attach the rubber base of the heel by some nails and strong glue. Next, mark the area in the wooden heel that needs to be cut out and make sure the phones fits in the hole perfectly. Then, putting the cell phone into the bottom of shoe and you’re done with it.

Now, you can become a secret agent and get your mission done whenever you want! [Go on]

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