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Wireless infrared headphones receiver principle

2016-02-11 16:35  
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This article describes a wireless infrared headphones receiver principle. The principle is simple there, we recommend that combine text carefully read the complete schematic. A photodiode Dl feeds high gain IR remote control preamp 1C, a  CA3237E . U2 is a PLL FM detector tuned to around 100 kHz. The detector output is amplified by U3 and it can drive a speaker or a set of headphones. Better for you grasp this principle, then we briefly CA3237E. The CA3237E RF amplifier is a discrete hybrid design, which uses thin film manufacturing processes for accurate performance and high reliability. This single stage GaAs FET feedback amplifier design displays impressive performance characteristics over a broadband frequency range. An RF choke is used for DC power supply decoupling. Both TO-8 and Surface Mount packages are hermetically sealed, and MIL-STD-883 environmental screening is available. to better grasp this principle, it is recommended to read several times on this principle.


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