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XR-T6425 Speakerphone IC circuit

2016-02-05 13:55  
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Many modern speakerphones must first be calibrated to the acoustic characteristics of the room in which they will be used. During this calibration phase, they may make a variety of noises including ascending tones or chiming sounds. This calibration may be automatic or manually invoked by the user, and it may need to be repeated if the speakerphone is relocated within the room. A failure to be properly calibrated can be indicated by the occurrence of echoing, ringing sounds, or feedback.The  XR-T6425  SpeakerphoneIC makes it possible to carry on conversation without using the handset, while the user is talking into a microphone and listening from a loudspeaker. It is ideal for hands-free conference calls.The XR-T6425 contains most of the circuits to eliminate singing and excessive background noise.Many telephones have an integrated speakerphone function which can be activated by pushing a single button. This button transfers the sound input and output from the handset to the ambient microphone and loudspeaker. Devices designed specifically for speakerphone use often have multiple microphone inputs arranged radially around the device to maximize sound input, such as may occur around a conference table. The most sophisticated units allow the connection of additionalsatellitemicrophones that can be placed some distance from the main unit.