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XR-T8205 and SL2411 telephone tone ringer circuit

2016-02-04 04:29  
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A compact tone ringer with audio & visual indicator is for internal or protected use in noisy ambient conditions in residential, commercial and industrial situations.This unit is operated from the telephone line and no external power is required.The ringer can be connected to a separate horn loud speaker for increased sound levels.The XR-T8205 Tone Ringer is primarily intended as a replacement for the mechanical telephone bell. The device can be.powered directly from telephone ac ringing voltage or from a separate dc supply. An adjustable trigger level is provided with an external resistor.The circuit is designed for nominal 15 volt operation.Telephone Ringer helps make sure you never miss a call. Hear the phone ring when you are in a different room, in a noisy environment.The SL2411 is a bipolar integrated circuit designed for telephone bell replacement,which is designed for Telephone Bell Replacement.The features of  SL2411 is that  Low Curent Drain,Adjustable 2-frequency Tone,Adjustable Warbling Rate,Extension Tone Ringer Modules,Alarms or Other Alerting Devices,Adjustable for Reduced Supply Initiation Current,Built-in hysteresis prevents false triggering and rotary dial ‘Chirps’.

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