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0.7 - 24V /2A Power Supply

2015-03-19 20:51  
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A Variable DC Power Supply is one of the most useful tools on the electronics hobbyist`s workbench. This circuit is not an absolute novelty, but it is simple, reliable, `rugged` and short-proof, featuring variable voltage up to 24V and variable current limiting up to 2A. Well suited to supply the circuits shown in this website. You can adapt it to your own requirements as explained in the notes below. visit page.0.7 - 24V /2A Power Supply - schematic
# P1 sets the maximum output current you want to be delivered by the power supply at a given output voltage.# P2 sets the output voltage and must be a logarithmic taper type, in order to obtain a more linear scale voltage indication.# You can choose t visit page.