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120V AC Line Powered LED

2016-04-20 07:44  
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120V AC Line Powered LED

The following circuit diagram shows you about how to powering a LED (or two) from the 120 volt AC line applying | working with a capacitor to drop the voltage together with a little resistor to limit the inrush electric current. Considering that the capacitor need to pass current in both directions, a modest diode is connected in parallel using the LED to supply a path for the negative half cycle and also to limit the reverse voltage across the LED. A second LED using the polarity reversed could be subsituted for the diode, or perhaps a tri-color LED might be put to use which would appear orange with alternating current. The circuit is fairly efficient and draws only about a half watt from the line. The resistor value (1K / half watt) was chosen to limit the worst case inrush electric current to about 150 mA which will drop to much less than 30 mA in a millisecond as the capacitor charges. This appears to be a secure value, I've switched the circuit on and off several times without having harm to the LED. The 0.47 uF capacitor has a reactance of 5600 ohms at 60 cycles so the LED current is about 20 mA half wave, or 10 mA average. A bigger capacitor will boost the electric current along with a smaller 1 will lessen it. The capacitor should be a non-polarized kind having a voltage rating of 200 volts or a lot more.

The lower circuit is an demonstration of obtaining a low regulated voltage from the AC line. The zener diode serves as a regulator and also supplies a path for the negative half cycle electric current when it conducts inside the forward direction. In this example the output voltage is about 5 volts and will give over 30 milliamps with about 300 millivolts of ripple. Use caution when operating any electronic circuits hooked up straight to the AC line.

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