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12V Portable and Mobile Power Supply Circuit Diagram

2014-11-18 15:29  
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A suitable 12V portable and mobile power supply circuit design is shown in the circuit diagram below. This type of power supply can be built quite inexpensively and needs only a minimum of circuitry. This circuit will give output current of 1 amp, well stabilized and smoothed.
12V power supply circuit diagram
The smoothing and regulation is provided by IC1 7812 which is a 12V monolithic voltage regulator. Thisportable power supplyunit incorporates output current limiting and is therefore not damaged by accidental short term short circuits or other forms of output overloading.

12V Portable and Mobile Power Supply Circuit Diagramcan be built using components as follow:
Resistor1/3 watt 5%
R1 1.8k
Cl 2200uF 25V electrolytic
C2 100nF polyester (C280)
C3 100nF polyester (C280)
ICI uA78I2 (12 volt 1 amp positive regulator)
D1 to D4 1N4002(4 off)
S1 DPST toggle type
T1 Standard mains primary, 15 — 0 — 15 volt 2 amp secondary