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12V switching power supply project using LT3844

2014-11-18 00:23  
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This 12V switching power supply electronic circuit is based on LT3844 DC DC controller circuit that can be used for medium power devices . The LT3844 IC offers a wide 4V to 60V input range (7.5V minimum start-up voltage)and can implement step-down, step-up, inverting and SEPIC topologies.
This power supply circuit will provide a 12 volts output voltage with a maximum current of 4 amperes . This 12V switching power supply electronic circuit requires an input voltage between 15 and 60 volts . The maximum output power that can be supplied by this circuit is around 50 watts .

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D1,D2 can be an 1N4148 type and D3 can be an PDS5100H type .
The T1 transistor used for this project must be an Si7850DP type .
If you want to see more details about how you can to design a power supply circuit using the LT3844 IC ,please consult the manufacturer datasheet .

12V switching power supply electronic circuit project using LT3844 ic