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16V adjustable power supply circuit

2015-03-22 15:46  
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this 16V adjustable power supply circuit is made using TLC271 and some common electronic components. This 16V adjustable power supply circuit based on TLC271 allows voltage input up to 30 volts and provides output voltage between 3 and 16 volts.
Reference voltage is obtained from a red LED to be running the current, no more, no less than 5 uA.
R1 and R4 with values given in the scheme, the output voltage variation will be between 3-8 V.
To achieve higher output voltages, up to a maximum of 16 V, R4 will increase by 200 k / V. And resistance value of R1 must be increased as long as the D1 current falls below 5 mA.
Maximum output current is dependent mainly on permissible dissipation of T2 and, therefore, to some extent, the difference between input voltage and the output.

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