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1.3 v power supply circuit

2014-11-13 09:49  
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1v3 psuThis article explains the 1.3 volt power supply circuit to explain. The circuit is simple but effective. For your more thorough grasp of this principle, we suggest that you can know more about some of the important components of the circuit, such as: 1n4148 . This circuit requires its power from a computer. The power connectors are color-coded wires, red and black is the 12 volt power supply, black and yellow is a 5 v power supply. These are very high current, so that absolutely have to be careful to avoid short circuit and inline fuse 100 mA is recommended. 1.3 v is derived from a red LED. When forward biased, LED's anode and cathode voltage drop between about 1.9 v, which is too high, the mercury battery-powered devices, but the Fed in the series, 1 n4148 signal diode drop of about 0.6 v, supply is so ideal for battery-powered peripheral device drivers. This is not the clock, because when the computer is turned off 5 v power supply is turned off. However, the ideal temperature for independent monitors usually include such cases with PC preripherals install usb connector.

Soldering here requires care, as excess heat will melt the surrounding plastic and you will be working in a small space, typically less than the width of a battery or less than 10mm. Flexible stranded wire is the best to use here. Below is the finished view of my front panel adapter.


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