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200W atx power supply circuit

2015-03-22 21:59  
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200W ATX power supply circuit diagram

The schematic diagram come from circuit: 200W ATX Power Supply Circuit power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.200W ATX Power Supply Circuit
This an ATX power supply circuit diagram, dedicated for personal computer, but you may use this power supply for other electronic devices. The circuit is built using chip TL494, and will give you approximately 200W. It use push-pull transistor circuit ...

Flashing battery monitor
Here is a?simple battery monitor circuit?in which the?LED?will?continue?flashing?until battery voltage?is above the?level. Transistors?Q1?and?Q2?are?wired?as?an astable multivibrator?circuit. This?flashing?battery?monitor?circuit?can operate?from?a variety of?voltages?from?6V?to12V. The?voltage?level?at which?an?LED?stops?flashing?can be set?by adjusting?R4.? When the?a preset?battery?voltage?reaches?threshold?flashing?frequency?decreases?andwhen?the voltage?drops below?the threshold of?the diode?D1?LED?turns?OFF. This is used?to?compensate for changes?in?voltage of?the base?emitter?Q1?due the ...

DC power supply 3-30V 3-30V 3A stabilized
This DC power supply circuit diagram is designed as an additional or as a permanent power supply for all general circuits based on a stable DC voltage between 3 and 30V provided that current consumption does not exceed 3A. Of ...

Converter 12 Vdc to 230 Vac or Inverter
As shown in the Inverter circuit diagram obove , Its used as the oscillator stage astable multivibrator contained in IC1, a CMOS 4047 (this cult series 40xx series) by varying the resistance value of R1 trimmer (220 k total resistance) ...

Car Battery Monitor with 3 LED
Car Battery Monitor circuit description: This is a circuit diagram of the 3 LED bar graph type battery monitor ideal for monitoring the voltage level of the car battery voltage with battery. When the battery voltage is 11.5V or less ...

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