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5000 Volts arc supply

2015-03-24 11:46  
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A Very Low Current, High Voltage Spark, that is `Manually Triggered`. Although its not easily Measured, the Peak Ouput voltage will be over 5,000 Volts. T1 is a small audio transformer and it steps up the voltage to about 500 Volts at Point `X` on the schematic. The main power limitation to this device is T2. It can be a Standard Trigger Coil, like those used on Strobe Kits, or a Custom made Trigger Coil. For A Custom coil, You can wind one Simular to those in my Stun Gun Write-ups. Which-Ever Coil you use for T2, If you try for Too long of an Arc, It will Arc Internally, Permanently Shorting itself Out. So Start with a Small Arc and Slowly Increase it to try and find the Maximum Distance. Than Reduce it Slightly to give a small Safety Margin. visit page.5000 Volts arc supply - schematic