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5V/10A 50W Offline Switching Power Supply circuit diagram

2015-03-22 17:10  
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The following diagram is the 50W offline switching power supply circuit design. The circuit powered by a MOSFET. BUZ80A/IXTP4N8 for 220V AC voltage input and GE IRF823 for 110V AC input voltage. The output will be 5VDC with electric current up to 10A.

The schematic diagram:
5V/10A 50W Offline Switching Power Supply circuit

Component list:
5V/10A 50W Offline Switching Power Supply circuit

The schematic shows a 50-W power supply with a 5-V 10-A output. It truly is a flyback converter operating inside the continuous mode. The circuit has functionality of a primary side and secondary side controller will full-protection from fault factors for example , overcurrent. When the error condition has been removed, the power supply will enter the soft-start cycle prior to recommencing normal operation.



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