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5V Dc converter using ADP2303 ADP2302

2015-03-23 15:37  
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A very simple and high efficient DC-DC 5 volts power supply circuit can be constructed using ADP2302 or ADP2303 nonsynchronous step down regulator , designed by Analog Devices .
Both of this circuits support a wide input voltage range from 3 volts up to 20 volts .

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The difference between this two fixed frequency , current mode control, step down regulators is that ADP2302 support a maximum load current of 2A and the ADP2303 regulator support a maximum load current of 3A .

This schematic circuit is a step down dc converter that will provide a 5 volts output voltage at a maximum 2A load , from a 12 volts input voltage .
The output voltage of the ADP2302 , ADP2303 can be set down to 0.8 V for the adjustable version, while the fixed output version is available in preset output voltage options of 5.0 V, 3.3 V, and 2.5 V.
This circuit use a 700 kHz operating frequency that allows small inductor and ceramic capacitors to be used, providing a compact solution.
For this DC DC converter circuit we will use the ADP2303ARDZ-5.0 which is the ADP2303 fixed voltage 5 volts version .
ADP2303 5V regulator circuit
If you want to use the variable output voltage version you can use the circuit bellow and change the components value like in the table bellow .
ADP2303 ADP2302 regulators circuit diagrams
ADP2303 ADP2302 regulator values
The recommended vales for the Shotky diodes that can be used for this project are : Vishay SSB43L or SSA33L , ON Semiconductor MBRS330T3 , Diodes Inc. B330B .
If you need to choose another part for the coil , please read the datasheet to see the recommended parts .