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5 A stabilized power supply

2014-11-12 08:15  
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This is a simple but powerful nutrition that less than 5 A can deliver. The circuit works by using a normal type 78xx voltage regulator and a buffer transistor. When the output current over 200 mA, then take over the T1, which limits the maximum output current is 5 Amps. The 1978 series regulator is available from 5 to 24 volts. In the place of the xx is the voltage, so 7812 for a 12 volt regulator. Take the AC in 5% higher than the desired output voltage. In that case, one under the wrinkle. MJ is a T1 (E) in 2955. This higher output currents must be well chilled. visit page.5 A stabilized power supply - schematic
R1 = 3.3 ? 5 wattC1 = V 4700?F/63C2 = V 10?F/35C3 = 100nFD1 = 35AT1 = MJ2955 (TO220), MJE2955 (TO3), TIP2955 (TO247)IC1 = 78xxF1 = 5A visit page.