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6 Amp Solar Power Center

2015-03-18 06:46  
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The SPC2 is a solar power center, it can be used to handle all of the power functions for small 12 Volt solar powered devices. It contains a photovoltaic charge controller and a low voltage load disconnect circuit. The low voltage disconnect has a load on-off switch, and a battery low voltage indicator. By using the SPC2 as the center of a solar powered device, long battery life is assured. The SPC2 is primarily designed to be a solar lighting controller, it can be used to power radios and other high capacitance loads with a minor switch and circuit modification (shown in dotted lines on the schematic). visit page.6 Amp Solar Power Center - schematic
The circuit was designed with the following goals:Single board smart light switch.Analog simplicity with common parts for ease of repair.High efficiency: low loss charging and minimal idle current.Radio-quiet operation, low frequency charge cont visit page.