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9V battery gives +18, +25, +33V

2015-03-18 12:06  
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For you high-voltage minibooster fans out there, here`s the one-chip, one battery way to do it.The MAX1044 is a charge pump converter - it uses a capacitor as a `bucket` to pump charge from one place to another. Normally, there is a capacitor connected from pin 2 of the 1044 to pin 4. This capacitor is charged between +9V and ground, and then switched in parallel with a capacitor from pin 5 to ground in a way that makes a negative voltage on the second cap. visit page.9V battery gives +18, +25, +33V - schematic
In this UPverting use, the 1044 still switches pin 2 between +9V and ground just as it would for a voltage inverter. However, we ignore the pin 4 and 5 connections that would make an inverter from it. Instead, we connect two capacitors and diodes as shown visit page.