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Auto Fuse for power supply

2014-11-23 20:48  
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The power supply, with electronic stabilisation - mainly those of laboratories - it should they are protected from ??over current?? that emanates from short-circuits, erroneous association or damage of repaired appliance. The circuit offers effective protection in power supply with output voltage through to 45V DC. Transistor Q3 of is type in all cases BC148, while the types of Q1-2, as well as R1-2, depend from the biggest intensity of current, according to the table. The entry is connected in the exit power supply. Under regular conditions of work, the Q2 turn on, completely via the R1-Q1 and functions in the saturation. visit page.Auto Fuse for power supply - schematic
The output voltage is 2V roughly lower than the voltage of supply. If grow the dip of voltage, in the R2 at 0.7V. because short-circuit, then conduct the Q3 and the voltage between the collector and his emitter is 0.3V. the Q1-2, however is driver only when his voltage between the base of Q1 and emitter of Q2 is 1.4V at least. But in case of overcharge, this voltage is 0.7V+0.3V=1V, with result the circuit is regulated automatically in the predetermined biggest intensity. The transistors that I give in the table can be replaced with corresponding, it is enough they suit their characteristics.Imax (A)R1 (?)R2 (?)Q1Q2Q351000.122?16132N3055BC1480.510001BC1072N1613BC1480.147004.7BC1072N1613BC148 visit page.