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Basic power supply schematic

2014-11-06 06:07  
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The simplest power supply voltage regulator can be created with the 78xx series. The voltage regulator is available in different voltages (see table). The controller is 100 mA, 1 or 2 A provides. C2 is a decoupling capacitor. He must therefore as close to the controller are placed. The parts must be adapted to the supply voltage and current. At low voltages (below 5 V) can be reduced to C1 1000 uF. At voltages above 15 V and 1 A should be C1 4700 uF. With output currents above 1 A, the diodes are replaced by 1N5401. visit page.Basic power supply schematic - schematic
The transformer, the maximum output voltage can provide. The voltage can be supplied by two transformer coils in series. The output current can be doubled by coils in parallel. If the difference between the voltage transformer and the output voltage increases, the drive will be warmer. A larger heat sink than needed. C4 You will apply if the wiring between the power supply and the circuit is greater than ± 15cmC1 = 2200 ?F/35 V (see text)C2, C3 = 100 nF?F/35 C4 = 10 V (see text)Br1 = 4x 1N4002 or 1N5401 (see text)VR1 = 78xxT1 = Transformer visit page.