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Compact power supply 5V

2015-03-20 10:44  
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Compact power supply 5V circuit diagram

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Small Size Power Supply 5-12V power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Small Size Power Supply 5-12V
The proposed unit is designed for AC power small electronic devices (handheld radios, tape recorders, watches, etc.). The output voltage can be selected within the range of 5 to 12 V. One of the advantages of unit - small size: ...

12 Volt / 2 A Switching Power Supply
The circuit 12 volt / 2 A switching power supply in the above scheme is not too complicated. At the output of this block provides a stable 12 V and maximum current 2A. Power supply units are quite compact and ...

Switch Mode Voltage Regulator with 85% efficiency
Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) is now widely used in modern electronic equipment due to its compact design and high efficiency of about 80% or more. The switch-mode regulator circuit presented here has an efficiency of around 85%. The circuit ...

750 Watt Cooler Master GX Series Computer PSU
With the GX-Series Cooler Master released a new PSU. The model designed as an inexpensive high-power supply, initially with three power levels are available. On wide range of accessories is so deliberately in order to offer an attractive price level.?Powerful ...

Step up DC / DC Converter with LT1615
Interesting DC / DC converter Linear Technology has presented the company, this chip is the boost converters that allow you to get the maximum voltage in 34B with the input voltage from 1.2V to 15V. It comes in a compact ...

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