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Considering SiC Schottky Diode for Switch Mode Power Supplie

2015-03-20 13:33  
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If you need to apply aSilicon Carbide Schottky Diode in your Switch Mode Power Supplies, Power Factor CorrectionC2D10120 SiC Schottky Diodeand Motor Drive applications, you may consider this C2D10120–Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky Diode. This device known as a zero recovery rectifier which has high-frequency operation, zero forward/reverse recovery voltage, and extremely fast switching.

As seen inthe C2D10120 SiC Schottky Diode Datasheet, it has 1200V in Repetitive Peak Reverse (Vrrm), 10-22A Average Forward urrent (If), 61nC of total capacitive charge (Qc) and 1000 pF of total capacitance (C). You will get the benefits of this device such Higher Efficiency, Essentially No Switching Losses, Reduction of Heat Sink Requirements, Parallel Devices Without Thermal Runaway, and Unipolar Rectifiers Replacement from Bipolar Rectifier.

Accordingly,the SiC Schottky diodeforward characteristics can be modeled as a temperature dependant forward voltage source Vd and resistor Rd. It is noted that the SiC Schottkys have positive temperature coefficient that makes parallel operation of these devices an easy task. Overall, its superior dynamic performance is the main advantage of this silicon carbide diode device.

Complete your read of Considering SiC Schottky Diode Datasheet for Switch Mode Power Supplies in the C2D10120 SiC Schottky Diode Datasheet (source: cree.com)