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DC Power Supply 9 volt using TIP31 transistor

2015-03-19 17:05  
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Today I receives electricity old printer from a friend. I think it can’t is usable , but power supply circuit still can be usable , modify be power supply source in electronics all work. I then build to is DC Power Supply 9 Volt Regulator, that can give current get about 1 Amp arrive at 2Amp. By I sees part already modify transistor TIP31 and part come to can be usable well. By can fine decorate VR1 for have voltage 9V DC according to can fix for Transistor TIP31, a friend can use other number all right such as TIP41 , MJE3055 , 2SC1061 etc. But must stick heat sink be appropriate with. The detail is other , see in the circuit yes.

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