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Delay switching for power amplifiers

2015-03-16 08:41  
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This delay can be used in power amplifiers, to prevent the fuses fail when the amplifier is turned on.The circuit is very simple with a relay which turned on when C2 and C3 are charged. If the relay has not been applied, the resistors used to control connected to feed. If after some time the relay attracts the bridge resistors.Watch out for your own safety when building this circuit. On the whole circuit is power. F1 should be the value of having the fuse that normally would be used. visit page.Delay switching for power amplifiers - schematic
R1, R2 = 470 kOhmR3 = 220 ?R4-R7 = 10 ? / 5 W wirewoundC1 = 330 nF 400 V ~ X2-typeC2-C3 = 470 uF 40 - 63VB1 = B250C1500RE1 = 250 ? 24 V 1200 V / 8 A ContactsF1 = see text visit page.