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Dual 25mV Micropower Op Amp

2015-03-20 03:47  
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Conventional monolithic micropower op amps with awide supply voltage range require a large die area andtherefore, a large package and footprint. The unconventionalLT®6011 dual op amp fits 25mV input precisionmicropower operation and wide 2.7V to 36V supply rangein a tiny new packageits 3mm ½¾ 3mm DFN package isso small it doesnt even have leads. The LT6011 alsoprovides rail-to-rail output swing and utilizes superbetainput transistors to achieve picoampere input currents. visit page.

Figure 1 shows the LT6011 applied as a low power Hall sensor amplifier. The magnetic sensitivity of a Hall sensor is proportional to the DC excitation voltage applied across it. With a 1V bias voltage, the sensitivity of this Hall sensor is specified

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