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Dual Polarity DC Power Supply /- 15V

2015-03-17 08:48  
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Dual Polarity DC Power Supply /- 15V. This circuit is intended to be transplanted into an existing circuit (eg audio amp), which already provides symmetric voltage between /-20V and /-50V.

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Dual Polarity Power Supply /- 15V based Transistors power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Dual polarity 15V power supply
This simple split / dual polarity unregulated power supply circuit provides a 15 Volt and -15 Volt supply from a single transformer winding and one full-wave bridge. A couple of zener diodes in series give you the voltage division and ...

Dual Polarity Power Supply /- 15V based Transistors
This Dual supply circuit is suitable for installation of power analog (audio or measurement), it provides a bipolar voltage? with voltage source? between 20 and 50 V (in audio power amp, for example). Regulated output voltage is 15V, but can ...

Unregulated Power supply for high-end audio amplifier with two polarity
The Power supply for high-end audio recommended for work with with your hi-fi amps shown in the project is actually very simple, without any good skill level is needed to create (or even design) one. There are several factors you ...

Dual Power Supply with Soft Power Switch
This power supply circuit brings together a dual polarity power supply and soft power to a power transformer (to supply a large amplifier for example) on the same board. The regulator circuit is performed by a pair of 79xx and ...

Dual Output Power Supply /-53V / 3A based on Transistors
This is the circuit diagram of dual output power supply /-53V / 3A based on transistors. This circuit has been designed for audio amplifier power supply requires a symmetrical / -53 V ( / -56 V maximum). The role ...

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