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Dual Power Supply Circuit

2014-11-14 02:32  
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The circuit a series of Dual Power Supply, where the symmetrical ± 15V supply for linear circuits. The same principle applies to supplies of non-symmetrical, such as 5.0 V and-12V regulators for applications such as registers. To ensure start up LM340 over full temperature range of the load sink current worst case 1.0a germanium power “diode” D1 was added to the circuit. Since the forward voltage drop of the germanium diode D1 is less than that of the silicon substrate diode of the LM340 the external diode will take any fault current and allow the LM340 to start up even into a negative voltage load. D1 and silicon diode D2 also protect the regulator outputs from in advertent shorts between outputs and to ground. For shorts between outputs the voltage difference between either input and the opposite regulator output should not exceed the maximum rating of the device. Here is a schematic drawing:

Dual Power Supply Circuit Dual Power Supply Circuit

*Solid tantalum
**Germanium diode (using a PNP germanium transistor with the collector shorted to the emitter)

Note: C1 and C2 required if regulators are located far from power supply filter.

Source Circuit : Natioanal Semiconductor Application

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